Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dumb and Dumber To (on DVD)

Based on a couple of teaser scenes that had gotten a lot of play when the movie came out in 2014 and when the DVD was released last year, and knowing that Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are pretty decent actors, I decided to give this official sequel to Dumb and Dumber — which I have NOT ever seen — a try. I was pleasantly surprised that “I like it a lot.” It’s a great have-some-popcorn-and-relax-your-mind movie. It even has some sweet and touching moments in among the low-brow antics. Suffice to say that when all is said and done, Harry and Lloyd have each other’s backs despite their elaborate prankstering and high stupidity quotient. Kathleen Turner has a key role and Rob Riggle, playing twin brothers, gets to literally scene-steal as one of the two. Rated PG-13.

[If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try these — Jim Carrey: Yes Man, The Truman Show, Bruce Almighty; Jeff Daniels: The Martian, The Crossing; Rob Riggle: Let’s Be Cops.] [Also available in traditional print format.]

[ Internet Movie Database entry for this film ] | [ official Dumb and Dumber web site ]

Recommended by Becky W.C.
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