Friday, April 21, 2017

The Mothers by Brit Bennett (on CD)

The Mothers
by Brit Bennett [Compact Disc Bennett] 

This book is a nice reflection on young adulthood and how the choices we make can follow us, for better or for worse. A college-bound young woman waits at an abortion clinic all alone, having (perhaps foolishly) expected her boyfriend to at least pick her up afterwards. We hear narration from the older ladies in the church, from the small-town gossip mill and their personal speculations about how main character Nadia Turner is coping after her mom’s suicide. Nadia’s only friend throughout the story, Aubrey, ends up dating Lucas, Nadia’s ex, but Nadia and Lucas each have their secrets about the abortion that Aubrey ends up eventually realizing. There’s much more to the story and it definitely touches on the mistakes of young love and early adulthood. It would be a great read for a college-aged reader who is looking to move past a confining small-town childhood or reflect on lost love and missed opportunities.

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Recommended by Naomi S.
Eiseley and Williams Branch Libraries and the Bookmobile

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