Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Spaceballs (on DVD)

[DVD Spaceballs] 

I found this movie really funny, even though I’m sure I didn’t get all the in jokes, as I’ve only seen the original Star Wars movies once and this is a parody of them. The plot is basically a princess being forced into a marriage because a planet is running out of air, she runs away from her wedding, two buddies find her and hope her father will give them lots of money for her return. The planet running out of air hires Dark Helmet to get the princess back, so the two buddies are being chased by him. It’s a really goofy movie with spoken and unspoken jokes. I thought it was pretty funny and like action movies, sometimes the action or comedy in this case matters more than the story (which itself is overly absurd). It’s good if you want a comedy movie with some sci-fi in it, just like Spam-a-lot is good it you want comedy with some British folklore in it.

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Recommended by Kristen A.
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