Saturday, March 10, 2018

The West Wing: Complete Third Season (on DVD)

The West Wing: Complete Third Season
[DVD West]

The third season of the West Wing starts with staff in a lock-down at the White House, with high school students who were touring it at the time, and ends with the president deciding if he should or should not assassinate a terrorist. Some character highlights include: President Jed Bartlet calling the Butterball Hotline on Thanksgiving, Sam being followed and interviewed by his reporter ex-fiance, Toby arguing with the team who were hired to get Bartlet re-elected, Leo dating his attorney, Josh becoming obsessed with a website that’s devoted to him, Donna finding out that due to a cartography error she was actually born in Canada, CJ learning the lyrics to “I’m Too Sexy” and singing them around the White House when the majority leader flubs a question on camera, and Charlie getting into a prank war with CJ after a copy of the President’s schedule goes missing. While there were a lot of funny moments throughout the season there was also a lot of tension because of the terrorist attack and also the staffers being subpoenaed and having to testify in court.

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Recommended by Carrie R.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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