Saturday, April 21, 2018

John Wick (on DVD)

John Wick
[DVD John] 

What is initially a sad story of a man who loses his wife to illness soon becomes an action thriller when a gang breaks into his house, steels his car, and kills the puppy his wife left for him. I thought it was sweet of her to arrange a puppy for him as she knew her time was short and didn’t want her husband to be all alone when she was gone. The main character’s name is John Wick and it’s evident early on that his name has some weight and history behind it. He used to work as a sort of hit man so tracking down the people responsible for stealing his car (which is a very nice car) and murdering his dog is something he’s quite used to doing, and he used to do it so well that those who know his name are quite terrified they don’t get on his bad side. Even though after the set up the movie is very action packed the motive of Wick’s character for revenge is not lost. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and if you like action movies with some plot to them, then I think you will too.

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Recommended by Kristen A.
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