Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Why I'm an Only Child by Roger Welsch

A lighthearted yet also heartfelt examination of the category of folk humor he has christened “civil ribaldry”, this offering from Nebraska author Roger Welsch is a true, if sometimes “naughty”, delight. Welsch, whose career as a folklorist, critic, and commentator spans several decades by now, delves into his own inspirations for what he does (and loves), be it from his family members, his neighbors/townsfolk, the historic tradition, or the larger culture. Along the way he provides a clear explanation of this form of rural/folk humor and many fun (and a number of subtly racy) examples of jokes and comical conversations which are mostly suitable to share in mixed company. Grab an adult beverage, put your feet up, and enjoy!

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[ publisher's official Why I'm an Only Child: And Other Slightly Naughty Plains Folktales web site ] | [ Roger Welsch page on the CBS Sunday Morning web page ]

Recommended by Becky W.C.
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