Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Review: Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes by Mike Adamick

Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes
by Mike Adamick [641.5 Ada]
Over 100 recipes covering Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Sides, and Snacks. The Difficulty Rating ranges from “Ridiculously Easy,” “Super Easy,” “Easy Peasy,” “Easy, Dangerous, and Fun,” up to a handful rated as “Hardish,” and “Hard.” Most of the recipes are not a dry retelling of instructions but told with a sense of humor (“Toast bread if desired, which it totally is.” OR “What’s better than coming home to a house smelling like fresh-baked cookies? Coming home to a house that smells like cookies and BACON.”)
Supposedly a book to teach your kids to cook while you’re cooking together, but these recipes are actually a good primer for college kids out on their own for the first time. Lots of comfort foods and some basic recipes, some with a twist.
[ official Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes page on the official Mike Adamick web site ]

Recommended by Charlotte M.
Bennett Martin Public Library
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