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Review: The Incredibles 2 (on DVD)

The Incredibles 2
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It’s hard to believe that 14 years have passed since the first Incredibles animated film hit the big screen, but it’s true. None-the-less, when The Incredibles 2 came out in 2018, it felt like almost no time had passed — and in the internal continuity of the films, the characters really haven’t aged at all. Back Jack-Jack is still a baby, and pre-teens Violet and Dash are still the same age they had been in 2004’s original film. But things have changed a bit on the home front, as dad Bob (Mr. Incredible) and mom Helen (Elastigirl) are coping with job issues. Superpowered superheroes (“Supers”) have melted away out of public view, for when they do show up to fight crime, the public now cries out about property damage and irresponsible vigilante behavior.

This film puts a twist on the first film’s plot, by having the central character become Elastigirl — a deep-pockets backer wants to bankroll her to become the figurehead of a new wave of costumed crimefighters. But all is not necessarily as it seems, and eventually the entire super-powered Parr family has to come to rescue again when the world is in danger.

The voice work by Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Helen Hunt (Elastigirl), Sarah Vowell (Violet), Huck Milner (Dash), Bob Odenkirk (Winston Deavor). Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone), and Catherine Keener (Evelyn Deavor) is excellent, and just like the first film, writer/director Brad Bird nearly steals the show in his few moments voicing eccentric costume designed Edna Mode (based on Edith Head, “Q” from the Bond films, and more). The action is fast-paced and exciting. The family dynamics are fascinating, especially when Elastigirl takes Mr. Incredible’s place as lead superhero, and as Violet tentatively enders the pre-teen dating world.

All in all, this isn’t quite as original as the first Incredibles was, but you couldn’t have this one without the first…so it is definitely a worthy successor. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 14 years before a third film comes out in this series!

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Recommended by Scott C.
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