Sunday, April 19, 2009

Columbo: The Complete First Season

Columbo: The Complete First Season

I enjoyed watching Colombo on TV in the 1970s. When I checked out the DVD of the first season, I hoped that the series would still entertain me. To my delight, the series has held up well over the years. Colombo ambles around in his rumpled raincoat, holding a cigar in his hand collecting, what appear to be trivial clues, and pestering the person he thinks is the prime suspect. When the episodes open the audience sees the murder committed and watches the murderer cover up the crime. The question is not "who did it?" but "how will Colombo figure it out?" Colombo nags and nags his suspect. He starts to leave the suspect, then he stops and turns around with his trademark comment "Oh, there's just one more thing ...." and drives the suspect to distraction. -- recommended by Donna G. - Eiseley and Walt Branch Libraries

[The library system also owns numerous original books based on the Columbo series. ][ Episode Guide to Columbo ]

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cannellfan said...

I absolutely loved the series Columbo, and some of its best episodes were on during its first season. I've very glad the library has Columbo on DVD in its collection.

majorbabs said...

Glad to know this too. He's a favorite.