Monday, April 13, 2009

Cut to the Quick

Cut to the Quick
by Dianne Emley

Pasadena police detectives Jim Kissick and Nan Vining are summoned to the mansion of Oliver Mercer in the Pasadena Hills in this page-turner. There they find the bodies of Oliver Mercer and his girlfriend Lauren Richards. Their attention focuses immediately on Mercer's business partner Mark Scoville because the two men had been arguing. Initially Scoville is cooperative when answering their questions. Suddenly, he clams up and asks for an attorney. Kissick and Vining wonder what brought about this sudden change of attitude. Adding to the tension but distracting Vining from the case is the reemergence of her nemesis, T.B. Mann. (T.B. Mann is the name that Nan Vining and her daughter Emily gave to the man who almost killed Vining in a vacant house. T.B. Mann stands for The Bad Man.) When T.B. Mann leaves the bloody polo shirt in Vining's garage that he wore the day he stabbed her, Vining realizes that she is again his target. -- recommended by Donna G. - Eiseley and Walt Branch Libraries

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