Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blue Murder - Set 1

Blue Murder: Set 1

If you like British mysteries, you will like Blue Murder. The British excel at the police procedural and this is no exception. Caroline Quentin stars as newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector Janine Lewis. Her character is fully developed over the course of the first episode. Going through a marital separation, three children and pregnant, and trying to make a success of her new rank and first murder case. Manchester England is the setting. This gritty industrial city is not the "green and serene" England we are used to seeing.The politics of policing is evident as well the "plodding" routine that is a part of police work we don't see in most prime time television. Ian Kelsey plays the second in command and provides a steady/clear head as opposed to DCI Lewis's hectic life. -- recommended by Evelyn D. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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