Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Fool and His Honey

A Fool and His Honey
by Charlaine Harris

Before Charlaine Harris started writing her popular Sookie Stackhouse series, she wrote an enchanting series about a petite librarian in Lawrenceton, Georgia. Aurora Teagarden, known as Roe, is almost five feet tall and has a penchant for finding dead bodies. There is a knock at Aurora's door and when Aurora opens it she is stunned to see her husband's niece, Regina holding a baby. Regina has come from Corinth, Ohio for a surprise visit. Roe settles Regina and her son Hayden in the apartment above the garage. Roe and her husband Martin go out for dinner. When they get home there is a dead man lying on the stairs to garage apartment, Regina is gone and Hayden is crying in the apartment. The dead man is Craig, Regina's husband. The next morning Roe is sitting in the den when a man's head suddenly appears behind the couch. Roe screams and Martin comes running. They sort things out. The young man, Rory Brown, is a close friend of Craig and Regina's. Rory and Craig drove to Lawrenceton after Regina. They found her in Roe and Martin's kitchen, heating a bottle for Hayden. Regina and Craig started to argue. Rory was tired and went into the den to sleep. When Martin and Roe find him the next morning, Rory doesn't know that Regina disappeared and that Craig was murdered. Martin and Roe decide that they need to trace Craig and Regina's steps back to Corinth, Ohio find the answers to this puzzle. -- recommended by Donna G. - Eiseley and Walt Branch Libraries.

[ official Aurora Teagarden page on the official Charlaine Harris web site ]

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