Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Forger's Spell

The Forger's Spell
by Edward Dolnick [751.58 Dol]

Every wonder how a forged painting by a famous artist winds up in a renowned gallery? Well, here it is! Dolnick systematically chronicles the real, yet fantastic story of Han van Meegeren, a mediocre Dutch painter who fooled not only Herman Goering, but many others into believing that his works were previously undiscovered Vermeers. Dolnick tells us how such forgeries are produced, how they are marketed, and why otherwise rational people purchase them. Set against the chaotic backdrop of World War II and the Nazi quest to pilfer all the great artworks of Western civilization, this book provides a vast amount of insight into the phenomena. Sure to entertain as well! -- recommended by Jim W. - Gere Branch Library

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