Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paper Clips

Paper Clips
[DVD 940.531 Pap]

This is an out of the ordinary documentary, about a rural high school class in Tennessee and how they set out to collect 6 million paper clips, representing the 6 million Holocaust victims of World War II. When the news spread on the internet about this project, paper clips came pouring in. Some paper clips came individually. Some came in by the box loads. People, who sent paper clips, often wrote stories about the memory of a loved one that had died in the Holocaust. The climax of this project to me was when they invited Holocaust victims from New York to come to their school and talk about their experiences. The stories brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience, and created a special bond between the young students and the aging victims. The fact that the students were able to acquire a rail car that transported thousands of people to the concentration camps, and used that rail car to display all of the paperclips, was the culmination of the project. -- recommended by Patty L. - Walt Branch Library

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