Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Trail of the Wild Rose

The Trail of the Wild Rose
by Anthony Eglin

Retired botany professor Lawrence Kingston takes us along for the ride as he solves another horticultural mystery. This crime has its roots southern China and grows to fruition in the English countryside. When the book opens a motorcyclist is forced off the road by a car that drives away in the rain. The rider is badly injured when he is thrown from the bike. Police identify the man as Peter Mayhew by the license plate on the motorbike. In the hospital the victim mutters about a murder on a plant hunting expedition in China. Kingston is asked to try to make sense of Mayhew's ramblings. Soon after Kingston's visit Mayhew is murdered in his hospital bed. Peter Mayhew's half-sister, Sally called the police after one of her friends saw an article about the accident and shared it with her. Over the phone, Sally tells the police that her brother fell to his death while hunting for rare plants in China. His body was never recovered. Did Peter Mayhew come back to life? Sally dispels that idea when she goes to morgue to identify his body. Who was the motorcyclist and why did he have Mayhew's bike? What really happened on that rugged mountain trail? Kingston pursues his investigation and he unearths a complex scheme of deceit driven by greed and the need of a man to protect his status. -- recommended by Donna G. - Eiseley and Walt Branch Libraries

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