Monday, June 15, 2009

Play Misty For Me

Play Misty For Me
I decided to borrow this movie because of a debate with my husband. He said that Roberta Flack sang "Killing Me Softly" in this show. I disagreed. One evening I brought the DVD home and popped it into the player. We sat on our couch with a bowl of popcorn and watched this 1971 classic. Evening DJ, Dave Garver (played by Clint Eastwod), coaxes his listeners to phone in their requests. One of his ardent fans frequently asks him to "play Misty for me." One night this fan, Evelyn Draper, happens to meet him at his favorite bar. They have what Garver believes is a one-night encounter. Draper thinks that this is the start of a relationship and she goes to extremes to stay in his life. Things become complicated when Garver's former girlfriend, Tobie, moves back to town and Garver begins seeing her. Outraged, Evelyn terrorizes Garver and everyone in his life. Did Roberta Flack sing "Killing Me Softly"? You'll have to watch it find out. -- recommended by Donna G. - Eiseley and Walt Branch Libraries

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