Saturday, January 16, 2010


by Steven Havill

Bill Gastner is undersheriff of Posadas County. He is widowed and his children are grown. Gastner eats too much, smokes too much, distrusts computers and is suspicious of the newly elected sheriff -- a former used car salesman. A series of tragedies beset this sparsely populated county in southern New Mexico. A one-car crash kills five teen-agers. A kilo of cocaine was found in their car. An undercover officer is brought in to pose as Gastner's grandson and to mingle with the local teen-agers in hopes of finding out who brought the cocaine in from Mexico. The officer is shot and another teen-ager commits suicide. Havill uses Gastner, and his realistic view of his shortcomings, to lighten up what would otherwise be a grim book. Steven Havill started his career writing westerns. Heartshot is his first mystery. Fortunately, it isn't his last. [If you like this one, you may also enjoy books by Craig Johnson, Amiee and David Thurlo and James Doss.] -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department

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