Friday, January 8, 2010

Through the Grinder

Through the Grinder
by Cleo Coyle

If you like coffee and cozies this series may just be your cup of java. The books are infused with interesting coffee facts and tasty recipes. Clare Cosi manages The Village Blend coffeehouse in Greenwich Village for her ex-mother-in-law, Madame. Madame lured Clare back to New York with the offer of part ownership in the business. The only thing that Madame did not mention that the other partner is Matteo Allegro, Clare's ex-husband. Clare and Matt have forged a smooth, but at times prickly working relationship. They remain amicable because Matt spends most of his time in third world countries buying coffee beans for the coffeehouse. Through the Grinder is the second book in this series. When this book opens Clare is disturbed to learn that one of her regular customers committed suicide by jumping in front of a subway. NYPD detective, and regular customer, Mike Quinn doesn't think that it is suicide. But the higher-ups do, so the case is closed. Soon another Village Blend customer commits suicide by jumping off a roof. A second "suicide" is too coincidental. Quinn investigates the women's lives and learns that they have something else in common besides being Blend customers -- they both dated Bruce Bowman -- Clare's new boyfriend. Clare can't believe that Bruce is a murderer. She thinks that Quinn may be focusing only on Bruce so Clare decides to clear Bruce's name. The plot is tightly woven and the characters are well developed. Coyle gives you glimpse into the killer's mind as each murder is planned and executed to make each death appear to be a suicide. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department

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