Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American on Purpose

American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot
by Craig Ferguson

Most people who watch TV probably know Craig Ferguson primarily as the host of The Late Late Show on CBS. He was also a cast member of The Drew Carey Show sitcom. In addition, he's a screenwriter, stand-up comic, and erstwhile punk rock drummer, among other things. Although I don't agree with every comedic choice he makes on his show, I think he's a very good host/monologuist and I enjoy his smart-aleck-y personality and his intelligence. In this memoir of his life up to now, he takes us through his physical and emotional ups and downs, including alcoholism and ill-fated relationships. In telling his anecdotes, he shows a lot of admiration for his parents (now deceased) and those who've befriended him, takes responsibility for his negative behaviors, and illustrates the variety of reasons why he has chosen to add American citizenship to his native Scots heritage. Plus, he mentions Nebraska! I would have given a higher numeric rating to this book but for the prevalence of the f-word -- someone who writes this well should know that over-use of 'expressive' words and phrases de-emphasizes their impact! -- recommended by Becky W.C. - Walt Branch Library

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