Sunday, February 28, 2010

Henry V: The Screenplay

Henry V: The Screenplay
by William Shakespeare [822.33 ShaW3b]

This is the screenplay to Kenneth Branagh's production of "Henry V." Many believe Laurence Olivier's "Henry V" to be the quintessential version, but this reviewer votes Branagh's film to be THE adaptation to define "Henry V." This book includes stills on nearly every page from Branagh's film as well as the screenplay, and an introduction by Branagh that explains how he came about to make the film. It was great fun to browse through the screenplay and hear again the voices recite their lines and see the photos. Also includes the credits. This book provided great enjoyment at only 107 pages. -- Recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library

[ Henry V is available in a variety of print, audio and video formats from the libraries. ]

[ official Internet Movie Database page for this version of the film ]

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