Friday, February 26, 2010

Lee and Lyn - Wilde Twins web site

Lee and Lyn - Wilde Twins

"Lee and Lyn Who?", will be the response of most. Lee and Lyn Wilde are twins who appeared in a few movies in the 1940s. They were singers and spent most of their careers traveling with big band orchestras. The website has a number of photographs from their performing days and photos of them as babies. It also features stills and images from some publicity about the girls. The biography portion is espcially good; Lee provided some of the information herself. Anyone who is interested in the 1940s might enjoy this piece of nostalgia. But the biggest reason for calling this site to our patron's attention is to point out once again the power of the web. That two somewhat obscure performers has such a nice site devoted to them rates an 'A' on any scale. [If you enjoy this, you may also like: (The Deanna Durbin page)] -- recommended by Rianne S. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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Anonymous said...

The Golden Age of Hollywood certainly produced amazing talent that will never be seen again. Great singing and acting from ladies such as Kathryn Grayson, Judy Garland, and Deanna Durbin to name only a few. Thanks for the memories.