Monday, February 22, 2010

The Surrogates

The Surrogates
written by Robert Venditti; art by Brett Weldele [741.5 Ven]

This graphic novel was the inspiration for the 2009 movie starring Bruce Willis. There are also thematic elements similar to plot points in the hit film Avatar. Set 40+ years in the future, the invention of remote controlled bodies -- Surrogates -- has allowed human beings to live a more secure, protected life. There's no more threat to you personally, if you're living your life through a remote-controlled body. However...throw in a religious movement that finds Surrogates sacreligious, and a madman using a surrogate to steal the components that will allow him to "turn off" all Surrogates in an entire city simultaneously, and you've got a science fiction/conspiracy/murder mystery story that's quite thought provoking. I enjoyed the story in this very much. My only complaint is that the highly-stylized art (by Brett Weldele) is SO stylized that it often is muddy and incomprehensible. Nevertheless, for a story about something that's rather cold and heartless, this one's got a very "human" storyline at its core. -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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