Monday, March 15, 2010

Strange Things Happen

Strange things Happen: A Life With the Police, Polo and Pygmies
by Stewart Copeland [Music 781.66 Cop]

Most people think of Stewart Copeland, when they think of him, as the former drummer for the Police, but his life is full of many other experiences and identities. Copeland grew up living in the Middle East, as the son of a CIA agent. He begins his story in the present, looking back on how this unusual upbringing shaped him and how his current life of settled prosperity conflicts with his image as rock icon and rebel. Stories from the road and from the stage alternate with tales of polo ponies and making films about Pygmies in the Congo -- and it's all TRUE -- as far as we know. Readers should not dismiss this book as just another self-indulgent and self-aggrandizing rock star bio. Copeland can really write, and his life story is both exciting and grounded in genuine self-examination. The only bad thing about Strange things Happen is that it will make you long for more autobiographies written with this much candor and in such lively, well-crafted style. -- recommended by Lisa V. - Eiseley Branch Library

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