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[DVD 636.1 Buc]

Buck is not your typical big screen western cowboy movie, because unlike John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, Buck is the real thing. Buck is a documentary about the life of horseman cowboy Buck Brannaman. Brannaman is a leader in natural horsemanship and spends much of the year touring the country teaching horse clinics. Brannaman's personal story begins with a troubled childhood. Growing up he was a child rodeo star with an abusive father. As an adult he channeled his difficult past into a passion for teaching away the abusive training methods common in horse breaking and training. His empathy and understanding of the unique relationship between humans and animals is expressed in his gentle teaching style and methodology. The documentary weaves Buck's personal story with his philosophy of horsemanship. Buck is soft spoken, but articulate and straight to the point thus leading to some humorous and blunt moments throughout the film. Buck's many students play an important role in the documentary as well. An interview with Robert Redford credits Buck with much of the inspiration for the 1998 movie Horse Whisperer. Redford divulges quite a bit of interesting background information on Buck's contributions to the film's production (including the use of Buck's personal horse in the movie). Documentary enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised by Meehl's style, which captures Buck's personal story through archival footage, and small subtle details. Keep watch for a small funny moment that allows Buck's personality to shine through in a diner, where he consumes many meals on the road. Those who are horse owners and western fans might appreciate a high quality genre documentary, which captures the spirit of the west. Everybody can expect to learn a thing or two about leadership, compassion and respect too. Buck is a must see uplifting documentary. [If you like this, you may also enjoy Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (Book & DVD), and War Horse by Michael Morpurgo j Morpurgo/YA PB Morpurgo.] -- recommended by Glory B. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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