Sunday, January 15, 2012

Support Your Local Sheriff

Support Your Local Sheriff
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This movie was a fabulous combination of the perfect cast, a witty and sarcastic script, and an era in which the traditional, staid, heroic western was ripe for satirisation. Garner's wise-ass persona, exemplified in his role of Bret Maverick, pokes perfect fun at the overly heroic "white hat" stars of tradtional westerns. His Jason McCullough is looking for a quick buck while making his way to Australia, and stumbles across a temporary position as Sheriff of a small gold-rush town. He sobers up the town drunk, Jack Elam, to become his deputy, and goes up against the powerful Danby family in a hilarious showdown on main street. There's also an unwanted romance with Mayor's daughter, and the complication that McCullough doesn't really like to work very much at all. It's all goofy fun, with an extremely wry sense of humor. Elam's particularly funny in one of his first major film roles! [There was a follow-up film, Support Your Local Gunslinger, which was entertaining but not quite as good as this film. Of course, Garner fans should see Maverick and The Rockford Files.] -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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