Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Booktalk Booklist - ALA Notables 2011

We've been adding some new Booktalk Booklists to the archives at the libraries' BookGuide web site, and that gives us an opportunity to highlight a couple from Library Director Pat Leach. Each year, Pat presents a booktalk at various locations that feature highlights from the annual list of Notable books, selected by the American Library Association. Pat's most recent ALA Notables talk was presented in November 2012 at both the Bethany and Gere BooksTalk sessions, and featured titles from the ALA list that were published in 2011. The ALA Notable lists always include both Fiction and Non-Fiction, as well as a couple of Poetry titlese as well. Here are the links to the past several ALA Notable talks that Pat has presented. [Click here to check out the current schedule of Book Talks.]

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