Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Muppet Show - Season One

The Muppet Show
[DVD j Muppet]

This entertaining show features Jim Henson's Muppets. The show's original run on TV was 1976-1981; so far only three of the five seasons have been released on DVD. It is set up as a variety show run by Kermit and regular acts include Pigs in Space with Miss Piggy, Fozzy's jokes, stunts by Gonzo as well as musical and dance numbers. Each episode has a special guest who does their own numbers and interacts with the Muppets behind the scenes of the variety show. Season one has guests such as Peter Ustinov, Phyllis Diller, Twiggy, and Florence Henderson. Anyone who enjoyed Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, or Sesame Street as a child should give the Muppet Show a try. It is in the children's section but is just as entertaining for adults or as a family show. -- recommended by Kristen A. - Gere Branch Library

[Also available: Seasons Two and Three.]

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