Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Customer Review - Bliss

by Kathryn Littlewood [j Littlewood]

Rosemary Bliss has a gorgeous older brother, a laugh-out-loud little brother, and an adorable little sister, plus two wacky parents who own the best bakery in her town. But Rosemary is just...plain. She's nothing special. Until she realizes her parents are putting more than just sugar in their batter. They use magic to make people's lives better! But when her parents go away for a week and strange but amazing Aunt Lily shows up, everything goes wrong -- Rosemary and her siblings try to do magic for the first time and end up creating a disaster! Can they fix it before their parents get home? Filled with mystery, suspense, intrigue, and a dash of magical bliss, this book is sure to delight your sweet tooth! -- review submitted by Elanor J. - a customer of the Bennett Martin Public Library

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