Friday, February 15, 2013

Gone for Good

Gone For Good
by Harlan Coben

Coben writes the Myron Bolitar mystery series, but this title is one of his stand-alone mystery novels. Will is a nice Jewish boy (from the same hometown as Coben) whose brother, Ken, was accused of raping and murdering Will's former girlfriend 11 years earlier. Ken ran and is an international fugitive, yet the authorities are not even sure he's still alive, and felt he had received aid from his family. Their mother is dying from cancer, and on her deathbed tells Will that Ken is still alive. Then Will finds a recent photo of Ken hidden in his mother's room plunging us into a standard Coben novel of twists and turns, and well-drawn characters who come alive, not to mention a shocking surprise. Coben's themes usually involve families just going along with their nice little lives then in some way Coben pulls the rug out from under them where they are forced to cope, and re-evaluate their lives and relationships. Think of film director Hitchcock and how he always pulled the average guy into a situation. Coben's novels are rich with detail yet fast-moving. You'll deeply care about some of these characters, heartily detest some, and grieve in spots. -- recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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