Sunday, September 22, 2013

Customer Review - Eragon

by Christopher Paolini [j Paolini]

The book starts out with a discription of an elf named Arya riding through the forest and she appears to be carring a very important object. A shade, or a bad warlock, named Darza attackes Arya and trys to take the object but she uses magic to transport it far away. On the other side of the country a boy named Eragon is tracking a deer when a burst of blue fire scares the doe away. When the smoke clears he sees an oval shaped blue rock. He goes around trying to find out what it is but no one seems to know. One night the rock began to move and out popped a little baby dragon. As Eragon raised Saphira, his dragon, a local storyteller named Brom started to take a particular intrest in what happened to his rock. After a while the town started to become suspitious of Saphira and two creatures called the Raz'zac came and scared Eragon and Saphira enough to leave. Brom came with them after explaining that he could help. So they set off on a journey to kill the Raz'zac but there are a few complications, Eragon feels compelled to rescure a beautiful elf from a near by town, Brom doesnt think that is a good idea. When they go to resure her Brom is stabbed and a man named Murtagh saves Eragon. After a few days Brom ends up dyeing and since Eragon doesnt know exactly what to do he ends up headed to find the Varden along with Saphira, Murtagh, and the sick elf. It takes a long time but they finally reach the Varden and for some reason Murtagh is put in prison. When Eragon askes why they say its because he is the son of an evil man named Morzan. There is little down time though because almost as soon as they get to the Varden a bunch of creatures called the Urgals attack. The only way the Varden ended up winning was because, with the help of Arya (the elf Eragon had saved) and Saphira, Eragon killed Darza whom seemed to be controling the Urgals. -- review submitted by Whitney L. - a customer of the Gere Branch Library

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