Monday, March 31, 2014

Chasing Darkness by Robert Crais

Chasing Darkness
by Robert Crais

It's fire season in L.A., and the authorities are going door-to-door to ensure homeowners have evacuated the area. But at one home they discover an apparent suicide. The victim is holding a scrapbook of photos of murdered women that only the killer could have had access to, however, P.I. Elvis Cole had definitively proved this man innocent of the crimes at a trial several years earlier. And the murders continued. It was fascinating as the police walked Cole (and the reader) through the process to learn the evidence clearly implicated the suicide victim as the killer, yet Cole had absolute evidence to the contrary. So who's right? Now Cole, and his partner Joe Pike, have been shut-out of any further info from the authorities regarding the murder cases and must strike out on their own to solve this case. Both sides seem to be absolutely correct about the evidence - an excellent conundrum. This is the 12th Elvis Cole/Joe Pike mystery. The author provides enough back-story to enable to reader to understand the characters and their relationships without having read the previous stories. The answer to this puzzle caught this reader by surprise and there were terrific red herrings along the way. -- recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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