Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dog Shaming

Dog Shaming
by Pascale Lemire [636.7 Lem]

Lightweight but extremely hilarious collection of photos, which dog owners (or dog lovers) will almost certainly identify with. Our pooches may be "Man's Best Friend", but they can certainly have some behaviors that are less-than-loveable. What started as a single photo of a guilty-looking dog with a printed (or handwritten) sign explaining what they were "guilty" of, has turned into an explosion of silly, gross and shake-your-head-and-smile examples of dogs temporarily gone bad. The expressions of some of the dogs in this book range from "I know I did something I shouldn't have" to "And I don't care, 'cause it was fun!" If you've ever caught your dog doing something it has been told not to do, and seen it react with complete embarrasment (at having been caught), you'll enjoy this book! And the website that inspired it! -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

[ official Dog Shaming web site ] | [ official Dog Shaming: The Book web site ]

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