Monday, March 31, 2014

Honestly Dearest, You're Dead by Jack Fredrickson

Honestly Dearest, You're Dead
by Jack Fredrickson

Dek Elstrom is a down on his luck PI living in Riverton, Illinois. One day he receives a phone from an attorney saying that his client, Louise Thomas, died and named Dek as her executor. Louise Thomas? Dek had never heard of her. Dek learned that he would earn seven hundred dollars for his efforts. Since Dek needed the money he agreed to settle the estate. The lawyer promises that it won't take long because Louise didn't have much. When Dek visits her home close to Ramble, Michigan he finds that the house has been searched. Papers are strewn all over and blood is spattered on the walls. When Dek digs further into Louise's life he feels as he has fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. Nothing is as it seems. And it leads back to Dek's childhood. This is a fast-paced read with colorful characters. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department

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