Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Bright Side of Disaster

The Bright Side of Disaster
by Katherine Center

When we first meet Jenny at the beginning of the book she is pregnant and trying to patch together the remaining threads of her and her fiance's (Dean) relationship. Jenny is dealt a handful of unacceptable actions, and the novel sweeps forward with a roller coaster of emotions starting with childbirth and following her navigation of the new world of single motherhood that has been thrust upon her. We watch as Jenny builds a support system as well as a relationship with her next door neighbor. Will Dean return to meet his daughter or should she take a chance on the guy-next-door or should she even be worrying about guys at all? This novel has large doses of chic lit but also broaches the bewildering struggles a single parent must face. Center will have you flying through this quick read in eager anticipation of the ending. -- recommended by Sarah J. - South Branch Library

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