Monday, October 13, 2014

The Clans and Tartans of Scotland

The Clans and Tartans of Scotland
by Robert Bain [929.2 Bai 1976]

This little book contains brief historical information on each of the Scottish clans and their tartan, motto and crest. On the page opposite the information is a full color photo of each tartan. There are some interesting sections at the beginning of the book too about how the clan system came about, how they were organized and their social roles. Scotland has a very long history, so this short introduction to a specific aspect of it was a not so daunting way to start reading about it. I married into a Scottish family so it was particularly interesting to me to read about my clan. It may be of interest to other in similar situations or to those with a Scottish heritage. -- recommended by Kristen A. - Gere Branch Library [ see Kristen's Reviewer Profile and more of her reviews ]

[If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try — This is a good webpage about tartans. It is a bit more complete than the book because each clan's tartan has variations which you can view here.]

[Also available in several earlier editions.]

[ web site ]

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