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South of Broad by Pat Conroy

South of Broad
by Pat Conroy

I’ve always enjoyed Pat Conroy’s work. He’s Catholic, as am I, he (like I) LOVES good food, and he’s got a bit of a smart-mouth attitude (which I have to admit to having, too). Typically, his main characters rely on humor when the going gets tough, as a defense mechanism, which is something I tend to do as well.
South of Broad is a more recently published Conroy novel (2009). However, the story is split between two times in the main character’s life–the late 60’s, when he’s a senior in high school, and the mid-80’s, when he is a grown man. It’s a story of personal challenges for Leo King and for his core group of friends. They go through a lot together–more than any one person should ever have to deal with. Yet, through it all, their friendships grow and flourish.

After having read a number of other Conroy novels, I’ve realized I’ve come to find his prose a bit predictable and slightly tiresome… however, one thing that really stands out, for me–that keeps me coming back to him–is his LOVE for the South, and for Charleston in particular. I’ve never visited the South (other than a brief, 2-day trip to Miami, which I hardly think counts); but I feel as though I know a little what it’s like, simply from his loving descriptions.

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Recommended by Tracy T.
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