Saturday, April 30, 2016

Deliverance by James Dickey

by James Dickey

I saw parts of this movie many years ago, and I found it troubling. I believe, now, that I didn’t even see the movie in its entirety…. Upon listening to Burt Reynolds memoir (But Enough About Me), I decided I’d like to watch it again sometime… before that, I decided to read the book. (Reynolds said he had read it before being asked to play Lewis–I thought that was interesting, and I realized the actual story must be pretty good.) I’m so glad I picked this book up! I really enjoyed the writing itself, and as is typical for me, I was able to read the difficult scenes much more easily than I’m able to watch them. This story is beautifully written–many of the things Dickey’s character, Ed, says or thinks are things I could easily see myself saying or thinking. I especially appreciated that the story came from his point of view, rather than Lewis, who I had initially believed to be the protagonist of the story. In reality, it is Ed’s story, and that makes it so much better! I was really able to identify with Ed and his struggles, his fears, and his successes!

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Recommended by Tracy T.
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