Sunday, April 24, 2016

Letters to a Young Scientist by Edward O. Wilson

Letters to a Young Scientist
by Edward O. Wilson [Biography Wilson] 
 Part biography and part advice to a science student or recent graduate, this book by a myrmecologist was a short read. It is very much aimed at science students at the university level in the advice it gives for those early in their careers. I read this after graduating with a degree in geology and I would say that it would make a nice graduation gift someone. People who like biographies may also find it interesting because in the series of letters there are a number of stories from the author’s life long quest to learn as much about ants as possible.

[If you’d like other perspectives on life in science I’d also recommend the DVD Antarctica: A Year on Ice about scientists who live and work at McMurdo. Another good one that’s a bit more historical is The Girls of Atomic City, by Denise Kiernan, about the people who worked at the location where uranium was enriched for the atomic bomb that ended WWII.] [ official E.O. Wilson Foundation web site ] | [ Wikipedia page for Edward O. Wilson web site ]
Recommended by Kristen A.
Gere Branch Library

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