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A classic tale of computer geek sees something he shouldn't and now needs to be protected by government agents while foreign operatives hunt him down. Zachary Levi plays Chuck, a computer genius who works at a Buy More and lives with his sister and her fiance Captain Awesome. After Chuck's former college roommate sends him an email filled with pictures encoded with government secrets that, once viewed, stick in your brain he is forced to be guarded by CIA Agent Sarah Walker and NSA Agent John Casey. The back and forth relationships between the characters are what makes the show so fantastic. Not to mention the stunts, the storylines and the comic relief of Chuck's best friend Morgan and the rest of the Buy More crew. [If you enjoy this, you may also like Chuck seasons two and three, or Burn Notice - about a spy working with his best friend and his ex girlfriend.] -- recommended by Carrie K. - Bennett Martin Public Library and South Branch Library

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