Friday, September 30, 2011

New Booktalk Booklists - Gere Book Shares - 8/8 and 9/26/2011

During the summer months, the Gere Branch BooksTalk group didn't go on a complete hiatus, but instead continued to meet, once a month, on the 2nd Monday of each summer month. For these meetings, there was not a specified presenter, with a prepared book talk. Instead, those were "Book Share" opportunities!

All attendees were encouraged to share/recommend whatever they've been reading, listening to, or watching recently.

Lists were compiled of all the titles mentioned during both the August 8th and September 26th Book Sharing sessions. If you're looking for some good reading and/or viewing suggestions, check out the Gere Book Share - 8/8/2011 booklist, and Gere Book Share - 9/26/2011 booklist, both now on the BookGuide site.

And stop in every Monday afternoon, from 2:30 to 4:00, for the regular fall/winter season of Gere Books Talks, to share your love of reading with fellow book enthusiasts!

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