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Community - The Complete First Season

Community - The Complete First Season

This TV comedy series began during the 2009-2010 television season, on NBC and is beginning its third season this year. Set at a community college, this series features an ensemble cast, though when it began a large number of the stories focused on Jeff (Joel McHale), a lawyer whose degree has been proven to be faulty. As he entered Greendale Community College, he ended up joining a study group for his Beginning Spanish class. That group consists of Pierce (an older, somewhat bigoted man, trying to recapture his youth), Britta (an attractive young feminist who occasionally goes overboard), Troy (a former standout high school athlete who is having trouble fitting in), Annie (a recent high-school honors grad, who had a crush on Troy), Shirley (a middle-aged housewife having some relationship issues) and Abed (an Indian student obsessed with pop culture and TV tropes). As the season progressed, stories focused less on Jeff and more on the entire cast, with Abed proving to be an amusing breakout cast member. Towards the end of season one, and throughout much of season two, the producers broke the tradional barriers between the television audience and the cast, having fun with standard TV traditions (and movie traditions) along the way. This series can be a wild ride, veering between extreme parody and sentimentality. However, if you let the characters build on you, it can be worth the ride in the end. The relationships that have built up between the characters over two years are tremendously satisfying, even if some of the individual stories end up being too "out there". -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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