Monday, November 21, 2011

A new addition to the official Sherlock Holmes canon!

Holmesians and other mystery fans were treated this month to the first new Sherlock Holmes novel that is considered to be part of the official "canon" of Holmes stories, at least as far as the Arthur Conan Doyle estate is concerned.

The House of Silk, by author Anthony Horowitz (creator of the Foyle's War television series, and author of the Alex Rider series of young adult novels, among others), was released on November 1st, 2011. This book marks the very first time -- ever -- that a non-Doyle-written novel has been acknowledged as belonging to the Holmes "canon" -- those stories that are considered truly and completely official by those individuals in charge of the Doyle estate.

This book's release, along with the appearance of other recent new Holmes-related tie-in books, like Kim Newman's The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (a Moriarity-centric story collection), Between the Thames and Tiber: Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Ted Riccardi, and A Study in Sherlock (an anthology edited by Laurie R. King), inspired us to update our extensive Sherlock Holmes booklist on the BookGuide side.

Elementary... has had several additional titles added to it, both current and classic. All titles still owned by the Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to the libraries' online catalog. All other titles can be ordered through the InterLibrary Loan service.

All of which leads us to the following questions: If you are a Holmes fan, which of the hundreds of Holmes tie-ins, pastiches or parodies have you enjoyed the most? Which do you think are truest to the original Doyle Holmes stories?

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The Seven-Percent Solution is my favorite.