Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Customer Review - Rascal

by Sterling North [599.744 N81r or j599.744 Nor]

In the first chapter of his fictional memoir, Sterling heads out with his dog Wowser and his best friend Oscar to the woods and across a creek. In the process of digging at a rotten stump, Wowser frightens a mother raccoon. Sterling takes one of the young that she leaves behind. Oscar's mom shows the boys how to feed a raccoon. Thus begins the adventures of a boy and his raccoon. School is out, giving ample time for both to bond. Midway into their adventures, one of Sterling's older sisters comes to visit. She hires a housekeeper, makes home cooked meals, and orders Sterling to remove the canoe from the living room. By the way, raccoons were not the only animal Sterling had brought home. His sister was none too happy to also discover a crow that liked to shout in church and even some skunks. You might think her visit would have changed their life but, soon enough, Sterling's sister returned to her home. Then, Sterling resumes his fairly independent life, which is far from lonely or boring, because of the critters he brings home.

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