Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Customer Review - Legend

by Marie Lu [YA Lu]

This is truly a great book! It has a great mix of humor, action, and romance. It all starts off with Day, the Republic's most wanted criminal. He is watching his family, who thinks he's dead. Then, there's June, the Republic's prodigy who goes to school at Drake university. Her brother Metias is a great soldier. Then, one day Metias is murdered when he was chasing Day. Everyone thinks Day killed him. June hates Day. Then when she goes on a undercover mission she discovers the real Day. Day discovers that the Republic is poisoning people in the slum sectors with the plague, and his brother has the mutated one. The one that his brother is the first to have. Day's brother, Eden, is dying. June discovers the Republic's lies. And she finds out who killed Metias. Who did it? Read to find out. -- review submitted by Ashley A. - a customer of the Gere Branch Library

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