Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sketch Card Mania

Sketch Card Mania
by Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez [741.6 qMar]

I was surprised to find this helpful book in the library collection. Comic book and graphic artists have really popularized the use of "sketch cards" as ways to create quick little collectible works of art, especially while sitting at a table at a comic book or science fiction convention. Sketch cards are, basically, the equivalent of collectible baseball (or other sports) cards, or Wacky Packages (if you grew up in the 1970s!). They are 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" in size, usually have a "calling card" for the artist on one side, and start off as a blank art surface on the other side, which the artist will fill to a fan's requests on the other. This book approaches the use of sketch cards from the artist's point-of-view. It is broken up into four sections: (1) Sketch Card Tool Box, talking about the various mediums that sketch card art can be created with -- from mere graphite pencil, to colored pencils, colored markers, watercolors and/or acrylics; (2) Designing and Constructing Your Personal Sketch Card -- a VERY detailed section about creating your supply of ready-to-use blank sketch cards with your pesonal info attractively presented on the back; (3) Sketch Card Demonstrations -- merely some examples of art styles; and (4) Introduction to Self-Promotion -- a remarkably handy short-cut guide to established an electronic presence for yourself as an artist in the world of online social media and social networks. Although I have no artistic talents, myself, I still found this book to be an intriguing and informative read. I think it would be a really helpful guide for artists interested in getting into the sketch card game, particularly the section dealing with how to create your own supply of sketch cards. -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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