Wednesday, February 12, 2014


[DVD Machete]

Strange movie. Very violent yet not too serious. When I say it's not too serious, I mean the amount of major injuries that are inflicted on people only cause minor effects. For example, a gun shot wound to the shoulder only causes a limp while the action continues. The character is taken to the hospital, receives some bandages then springs into action again - literally pulling out someone's guts. What is also ridiculous is that almost anything in this movie can turn into a weapon including a cork screw and a weed whacker. This movie is action scene after action scene from the rooftop to a hospital to a church to a taco truck. It's not that the violence is funny it's that the settings and weapon choices are so odd and that the good guys can't really get hurt or die that makes the movie amusing. The main character, Machete, is an ex Mexican Federale living in Texas. A politician running for election forces him into killing a politician he is running against. Just as Machete is about to pull the trigger, he himself is shot. Turns out it was a set up to turn the public against Mexican immigrants and sway the election. Once the story hits TV and officials believe that Machete was self motivated to shoot the politician, the manhunt for him begins. This movie is rated R and does contain rather extreme violence throughout the whole film as well as some nudity scenes; I would not recommend this to those who dislike that sort of thing. I think this movie would appeal to those like cheesy action films where the plot really takes a back seat to the action and humor. -- recommended by Kristen A. - Gere Branch Library

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