Monday, February 24, 2014

Robot & Frank

Robot and Frank
[DVD Robot]

I don't remember seeing this film play in Lincoln, but after seeing the film's trailer online, I was pleased to find it here in the libraries' collection. Robot & Frank is a charming, low-key, and thought-provoking little film, with a tremendous performance by Frank Langella as the titular "Frank". Set in the "near future", Frank is a retired cat burglar, whose children are concerned that he's no longer able to live on his own and take care of himself. Rather that place him in a nursing home, against his wishes, son Hunter buys Frank a personal robot -- a short humanoid artificial life form that well help cook, clean and look after Frank. Frank is initially resistant to having the robot, but when he recognizes some loopholes in the robot's behavioral programming, he decides to try to relaunch his burglary career with a little silicon sidekick. What could have been a light-hearted "caper" film featuring the odd-couple buddy team of Robot and Frank ultimately bec omes a far more emotional story as the plot progresses. Langella's interactions with Robot (voiced expertly by Peter Sarsggard) provide a surprising emotional center for this film, about lost opportunities and families that have drifted apart and need to find a way to get back together. I highly recommend this film! -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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