Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Way to Treat a First Lady

No Way to Treat a First Lady
by Christopher Buckley

Elizabeth Tyler MacMann, the First Lady of the United States, has been charged with killing her philandering husband. The media has never liked Beth MacMann and refers to her as "Lady Bethmac." For a top-notch defense attorney, she's forced to turn to Boyce "Shameless" Baylor, her former fiance whom she dumped in favor of her current husband. It's been said of Baylor, "If Shameless Baylor had defended Adolf Eichmann...for crimes against humanity, Eichmann would have been not only acquitted, but awarded damages." This is a hysterical political satire and fun whodunnit - intelligent, witty, and humorous. How can you not like a book filled with characters such as Max Grab, a shady financier; Alan Crudman, another attorney of questionable ethics; and J.J. Bronco, a fellow who got away with murder. The ending was satisfying and much of it I had not anticipated. Lots of chuckles on every page and many laugh-out-loud moments in this story. -- recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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