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Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune by Frank Herbert

Even as I read this I could tell it was becoming a new favorite and one I’d like to read again; by the time I was done I was certain. I knew nothing about the book before I read it other than sand worms exist, so I don’t want to have any spoilers in this review to ruin the book for anyone. It’s a classic science fiction novel which is really three books in one. There are many characters and there is not just one protagonist. The two main characters are Jessica and Paul, mother and son. They live at the beginning of the book on a planet called Caladan but soon move to the planet Arrakis. In this time and place there is something called spice, the most valuable substance in the universe, which is only found on Arrakis, so whom ever is in control of the planet has power and pressures placed upon them. Duke Leto of House Atreides is offered the planet and accepts, so his son Paul and Lady Jessica move there with him (Leto and Jessica, are a couple but not married). Arrakis is a desert planet; it does not rain, there are no oceans, or lakes or ponds. The natives of the planet, the Fremen, are increadilby adapted to life in these conditions ulitizing what they call a stilsuit which captures any bodily fluids and purifies them for drinking. Water is sacred here. In the Atreides house water is not quite so scarce but they are not destined to stay there. Due to political and economic situations the Duke Leto and his family are in danger and they all know this when they move there. It happens early in the story that the house is overthrown and the Duke is killed, so that’s not too much of a spoiler, but it’s what happens afterwards and who Jessica and Paul become on Arrakis that is the larger story. I highly recommend this book to any classics and or sci-fi readers. I am glad there are more in the series, although not all them were written by Frank Herbert, some later ones were written by his son. I can’t recommend or comment on these as I haven’t read them. I am aware there is a film version of the book, but again I have not seen it so can’t comment or recommend it, but may be of interest.

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