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Leia, Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray

Leia, Princess of Alderaan
by Claudia Gray [j Gray]

If Leia Organa were a real person, she would want Claudia Gray as her biographer. Claudia Gray has already proven to be a captivating writer with her earlier works (including Lost Stars and Bloodline). She continues her excellence with Leia, Princess of Alderaan. The novel is part coming-of-age story and part political thriller with elements of teen romance and drama thrown in. Though written for a younger audience, I can’t imagine an older reader not enjoying this book just as much. The plot revolves around a 16-year old Leia going through the rites to prove herself as a worthy heir to the throne of Alderaan. She has encountered some tension with her parents as of late. During the events of the novel, she discovers this tension stems from her parents involvement in activities to oppose the Empire. The novel tells the story of how she comes to be involved in what come to be known as the Rebellion. It cannot be overstated at just how gifted Claudia Gray is at bringing her characters to life. I was especially impressed at the portrayal of Breha Organa, Leia’s mother. I don’t know that any author has featured Breha at length before. Claudia Gray provides her a most welcome introduction. If Disney ever decides to make a movie about Leia, it would be criminal for them to not use this novel as the basis of the plot. I give this novel my highest recommendation and consider it a near must-read for any Star Wars fan.

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Recommended by Corey G.
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